LOW Priced, TOP Quality C-Band Parts...
[Receivers] [Actuator Arms, LNBs, Feeds, etc.]

We stock all parts for C & KU Band Big Dishes...

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General Instrument 450i
C/KU Band Analog Receiver w/UHF Anywhere Remote.
Preowned Receivers are available.
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Actuator Arms...
18 or 24 inch Venture Actuator Arms
LNBs, Feeds, etc...
20 Degree Chapparal C-Band LNBs in stock
Add Quality KU-Band To your Dish with:
a Chaparral
CoRotor II Plus
C & KU Band Feed Horn
and a
Chaparral .7db KU Band LNB
15 Degree Eagle Aspen C-Band LNBF
Replaces feed, C-Band LNB and Servo Motor.
Uses one coax to transmit signal to receiver.

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