SALES.000TM (Version 6.55)

Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control Software with whole and decimal inventory quantities. For selling by weight or measurement.

A Few of the Many Features:

[Bullet] Complete Point-of-Sale System
[Bullet] Perpetual Inventory Control
[Bullet] Track Whole and Decimal Inventory Quantities
[Bullet] Fast Transaction Processing
[Bullet] 999 Line Items Per Transaction
[Bullet] Supports 3 Different User Defined Sales Tax Levels
[Bullet] Variable Line Item Discounts
[Bullet] Sales, Returns, Deposits and Proposals
[Bullet] Optional Packing Slips
[Bullet] End-of-Day/Period Sales/Cost Summaries with Dept. Totals
[Bullet] Generate Inventory Reorder Reports & Value Reports
[Bullet] Inventory Price Labels & User Designed Inventory Lists
[Bullet] Complete Vendor Files & Reports
[Bullet] Salesman Activity Reports & Employee Time Clock
[Bullet] dbase Compatible Data Files with a 2 Billion Record Limit
[Bullet] Print Transactions on Full Sheet, Half Sheet or Roll Paper
[Bullet] Year 2000 Compliant
[Bullet] And Much, Much More

SALES.000 Add-On Modules:

  1. [Bullet] Advanced Customer Tracking & Back-Order Capabilities
  2. [Bullet] Lay-Aways & Accounts Receivable with Statements, etc.
  3. [Bullet] Export Customer, Vendor or Receivable Data for Mail-Merge.
  4. [Bullet] Accounts Payable - Track Bills, Bank Accounts, Print Checks, etc.
  5. [Bullet] General Ledger - Easy Double Entry Journal, P&L, Balance Sheets, etc.
  6. [Bullet] Floor Planning - Track any item that is to be paid for after it's resold.
  7. [Bullet] Kit Explosion - Track & sell many different inventory items as one kit.
  8. [Bullet] Complete Service & Repair Center Tracking Module
  9. [Bullet] Recall Proposals - Save, Edit, Re-Print and List Proposals.
  10. [Bullet] Purchase Orders - Printing, Tracking & Processing. Auto or Manual.

SALES.000 Add-On Accessories:

  1. [Bullet] Bill To - Allows Entry & Printing of Bill To: Ship To: info on invoices
  2. [Bullet] Utilities - Includes a number of handy assorted utilities for SALES.000
  3. [Bullet] BC - Exports Inventory Info for use with Bar Code Printing Software.
  4. [Bullet] Shipping Labels - Print any size mailing labels and UPS C.O.D. Labels.
  5. [Bullet] Recall A Sale - Recall a previous sale, add, edit & make it a new sale.

Single User Pricing:

Program Name Product Description Price (U.S.)
SALES.000 Basic P.O.S. Inventory Control etc. $249
SALES.000 PLUS SALES.000 + Modules 1&2 $349
SALES.000 ELITE SALES.000 + Modules 1,2,4&5 $449
SUPER SALES.000 SALES.000 + All Modules & Acc. $749

To order please contact your local dealer or Hi-Tech Advisers at 1-800-882-4310, outside the U.S. please call (518)756-3800 or send email to

System Requirements: Any DOS or Windows computer, 512K RAM and a Hard Disk are required. Any 80 or 40 Column Parallel Printer (Laser, Inkjet or Dot Matrix).

Multi-User/Local Area Network Versions are available for any net BIOS compatible network or Windows Networking. The L.A.N. version can be run on as many stations as your network allows at a single physical location. See Below for pricing.

Fully Working Demos are available...A demo will allow you to try out all of the functions and printouts of the program with only a limitation on the quantity of item entries. You can order a fully working demo with complete documentation, of SALES.000, SALES.000 Plus, SALES.000 Elite or Super SALES.000 at a very minimal cost which will later be applied toward the purchase of the program (see demo pricing below). To Order a demo please call 1-800-882-4310, from outside the US, please call 1-518-756-3800, send a fax to 1-518-756-3539 or leave us a message by clicking here...

Program Name L.A.N. Versions Demos
SALES.000 $379 $19
SALES.000 PLUS $549 $19
SALES.000 ELITE $799 $29
SUPER SALES.000 $1099 $29

SALES.000 Module & Accessory Pricing:

Add-On Single User L.A.N.
Module or Accessory $99 (each) $129 (each)

Product Name Product Description Price
Bar Code Printing Software Prints Bar Codes on Any Size Label $129

For description and pricing, click on picture below...

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