The Hi-Tech Accounting SeriesTM

Professional Accounting for Non-Accountants

Part #1 Accounts Payable...

[Bullet] Track bills and up to 99 different bank accounts
[Bullet] Complete vendor files with lists and total purchases
[Bullet] Print on any style form feed check (optional)
[Bullet] Print checking account activity reports
[Bullet] Makes balancing your checkbooks as Easy as 1-2-3.
[Bullet] Optional password security

Part #2 General Ledger...

[Bullet] A generalized chart of accounts with summary accounts is provided
[Bullet] Add ledger accounts at any time
[Bullet] Enter and list budget figures
[Bullet] Handles millions of accounts & transactions
[Bullet] Easy to use, double entry journal
[Bullet] Automatic posting from journal to ledger
[Bullet] Ledger account histories to screen or printer
[Bullet] Easy trial balance to screen or printer
[Bullet] End result... profit & loss statements and balance sheets
[Bullet] Optional password security

Part #3 Accounts Receivable...

[Bullet] Post charges, payments and adjustments
[Bullet] Print statements with (optional) agings and finance charges
[Bullet] User can specify, by percent, a minimum amount due on statements
[Bullet] Customer file including memo fields, credit limits and much more
[Bullet] Customer lists and labels. Design your own lists.
[Bullet] Print customer histories to screen or printer
[Bullet] Print accounts receivable account activity reports
[Bullet] Optional password security
Program Name Product Description Price (U.S.)
Each Part #1, #2 or #3 AP, GL or AR $ 69
All 3 Parts #1, #2 & #3 AP, GL & AR $169
Fully Working Demo All 3 Parts - AP, GL & AR $19

To order please contact your local dealer or Hi-Tech Advisers at 1-800-882-4310, outside the U.S. please call (518)756-3800 or send email to

System Requirements: Any DOS or Windows computer, 512K RAM and a Hard Disk are required. Any 80 Column Dot Matrix Parallel Printer..

Fully Working Demos are available...A demo will allow you to try out all of the functions and printouts of the program with only a limitation on the quantity of item entries. Demos of The Hi-Tech Accounting Series are available at a very minimal cost which will later be applied toward the purchase of the program. To Order a demo of the Accounting Series, please call 1-800-882-4310, from outside the US, please call 1-518-756-3800, send a fax to 1-518-756-3539 or leave us a message by clicking here...

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