Sales-ProTM (Version 7.00)

Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control Software for Any
Wholesale, Retail or Mail-Order Business.

Sales-Pro works great with all versions of Windows.
Select your own screen colors from 256 selections.

A Few of the Many Features:

[Bullet] Complete Point-of-Sale System
[Bullet] Perpetual Inventory Control
[Bullet] Fast Transaction Processing
[Bullet] 999 Line Items Per Transaction
[Bullet] Supports 3 Different User Defined Sales Tax Levels
[Bullet] Variable Line Item Discounts
[Bullet] Sales, Returns, Deposits and Proposals
[Bullet] Optional Packing Slips
[Bullet] End-of-Day/Period Sales/Cost Summaries with Dept. Totals
[Bullet] Generate Inventory Reorder Reports & Value Reports
[Bullet] Inventory Price Labels & User Designed Inventory Lists
[Bullet] Complete Vendor Files & Reports
[Bullet] Salesman Activity Reports & Employee Time Clock
[Bullet] dbase Compatible Data Files with a 2 Billion Record Limit
[Bullet] Print Transactions on Full Sheet, Half Sheet or Roll Paper
[Bullet] Year 2000 Compliant
[Bullet] And Much, Much More

Sales-Pro Add-On Modules:

  1. [Bullet] Advanced Customer Tracking & Back-Order Capabilities
  2. [Bullet] Lay-Aways & Accounts Receivable with Statements, etc.
  3. [Bullet] Export Customer, Vendor or Receivable Data for Mail-Merge.
  4. [Bullet] Accounts Payable - Track Bills, Bank Accounts, Print Checks, etc.
  5. [Bullet] General Ledger - Easy Double Entry Journal, P&L, Balance Sheets, etc.
  6. [Bullet] Floor Planning - Track any item that is to be paid for after it's resold.
  7. [Bullet] Kit Explosion - Track & sell many different inventory items as one kit.
  8. [Bullet] Complete Service & Repair Center Tracking Module
  9. [Bullet] Recall Proposals - Save, Edit, Re-Print and List Proposals.
  10. [Bullet] Purchase Orders - Printing, Tracking & Processing. Auto or Manual.

Sales-Pro Add-On Accessories:

  1. [Bullet] Bill To - Allows Entry & Printing of Bill To: Ship To: info on invoices
  2. [Bullet] Utilities - Includes a number of handy assorted utilities for Sales-Pro
  3. [Bullet] BC - Exports Inventory Info for use with Bar Code Printing Software.
  4. [Bullet] Shipping Labels - Print any size mailing labels and UPS C.O.D. Labels.
  5. [Bullet] Recall A Sale - Recall a previous sale, add, edit & make it a new sale.

Single User Pricing:

Program Name Product Description Price (U.S.)
Sales-Pro Basic P.O.S. Inventory Control etc. $149
Sales-Pro Plus Sales-Pro + Modules 1&2 ON SALE NOW
Sales-Pro Elite Sales-Pro + Modules 1,2,4&5 ON SALE NOW
Super Sales-Pro Sales-Pro + All Modules & Acc. $649

To order please contact your local dealer or Hi-Tech Advisers at 1-800-882-4310, outside the U.S. please call (518)756-3800 or send email to

Try a FREE Sales-Pro Plus Demo
This demo of Sales-Pro Plus will allow you to try out Most of the functions and printouts of the program using the data that we have entered. This is for demonstration/trial purposes only.
Click here to Download a FREE DEMO

System Requirements: Any DOS or Windows computer, 512K RAM and a Hard Disk are required. Any 80 or 40 Column Parallel Printer (Laser, Inkjet or Dot Matrix).

Multi-User/Local Area Network Versions are available for any net BIOS compatible network or Windows Networking. The L.A.N. version can be run on as many stations as your network allows at a single physical location. See Below for pricing.

Fully Working Demos are available... This demo will allow you to try out ALL of the functions and printouts of the program with only a limitation on the quantity of item entries. You can order a fully working demo with complete documentation, of any of the Sales-Pro Packages at a very minimal cost which will later be applied toward the purchase of the program (see demo pricing below). To Order a demo please call 1-800-882-4310, from outside the US, please call 1-518-756-3800, send a fax to 1-518-756-3539 or leave us a message by clicking here...

Program Name L.A.N. Versions Demos
Sales-Pro $199 $19
Sales-Pro Plus $379 $19
Sales-Pro Elite $549 $29
Super Sales-Pro $999 $29

Sales-Pro Module & Accessory Pricing:

Add-On Single User L.A.N.
Module $69 (each) $99 (each)
Accessory $39 (each) $69 (each)

Product Name Product Description Price
Bar Code Printing Software Prints Bar Codes on Any Size Label $ 129

For description and pricing, click on picture below...

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