Computer Systems

Including Complete Set up
and Installation by Hi-Tech Advisers
Are you thinking of getting a new computer for your home or office but are overwhelmed by the daunting task of setting it all up? Then call us today at (518)731-1100 or (518)756-3800 for a free quote on a new computer that's just right for you and we'll prepare it the way you want it, deliver and install it for you.
Whether you want a Desktop or Laptop, let us know what you're looking for and we'll get you a great price on a new system installed.
We service Local Customers in the following counties: Albany, Greene, Columbia, Schoharie and Renssalaer Counties in New York State. For more information please call Hi-Tech Advisers at (518)731-1100 or (518)756-3800 or send email to

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