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Q. Do your software programs work with Windows?

A. Yes, our software programs work great with all versions of Windows and our Multi-User/Networking versions work great with Windows Networking.
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Q. How do I create a shortcut using Windows?

A. Our Easy Windows installer will automatically create a shortcut (for most versions of Windows) on the desktop, during installation. If you are upgrading to a Windows computer, contact our sales department to get the new easy installer disk.
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Q. How do I print lists, etc. right away?

A. We recommend that you turn off the Windows spooler for MS-DOS jobs. This will allow immediate printing of lists, labels, etc. from you HTA program rather than waiting for them to go through the Windows spooler. To turn off the spooler using most versions of Windows...

  1. Double Click on the 'My Computer' Icon on your Windows desktop (It might also be named...My System, System, etc.)
  2. Double Click on the Printers Icon.
  3. Right Click the Printer for which you are changing the settings and choose ‘Properties’.
  4. Under ‘Details’ Click on the ‘Port Settings’ button and Remove the Check Mark from in front of ‘Spool MS-DOS Print Jobs’. Then click on ‘OK’.
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Q. I am using Sales-Pro on a single computer now and would like to add 2 more stations. Can I upgrade to Multi-User and what types of networks are supported?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your Sales-Pro to the multi-user version. Once, you have upgraded to the multi-user/Local Area Network version, you can add as many stations as your network allows at a single location and you don't have to upgrade our software again. Our networking versions (Sales-Pro, Sales.000, Video/Rental-Pro and Church Manager) work on any Net BIOS compatible network like Novel or Lantastic or Windows Networking. Please contact our sales department at 1-800-882-4310 or for a special price on upgrading to the networking version.
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Q. How can I have a couple of changes made to one of the lists. Is this possible?

A. Yes, we can do modifications to any of the HTA programs. If you are a registered user and are interested in having some changes made. Please put in writing, exactly what you would like to have changed and mail it to us along with a check or money order for $99 (estimate fee). When we receive it, we will look at the source code and figure out how many hours are involved in doing the modifications. We will then mail, fax or call you with an estimate for the requested modifications. Source code for our programs is also available if you would like to do your own modifications. Please contact the sales department for source code pricing.

Mail modification requests to: Hi-Tech Advisers, Attn: Modification Requests, PO Box 129, Ravena, NY 12143-0129. Please put your program serial number on your modification request as well as whether you want us to contact you by phone, fax or email with the estimate. Thank you.

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